The Dyson V10 Absolute is already a great device with strong suction and way above average cleaning performance. Because, if you opt for a larger bin you may end up putting yourself in danger. It is not cheap by any means, but the range of features and the improvements over previous models make the cost more than justified. No las 2 a la vez. Amount may vary based on tool selection and availability. Find out in our Dyson V6 vs. V10 vacuum battle. The Dyson has this neat little rubber grippy pad on the bottom of the handheld base, so you can prop it up without fear of your $400 investment crashing down. With this style, they take a “point and shoot” approach. This item Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Purple #1 Best Seller XIGOO Storage-Stand-Docking-Station-Holder Compatible with Dyson V11 V10 V8 V7 V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners & Accessories, Stable … James Dyson nor did Dyson the company make any such claims about the V8 battery. Dyson V11 Torque Drive vs. Outsize vs. So, when LG's CordZero A9 Ultimate arrived we were skeptical. If your home has any significant square footage of hardwood floors you will most likely want an Absolute version of the V8 or V10. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, From Santa: 90+ Christmas Insta Caption Ideas, 45 Secrets Disney World Employees Won’t Tell You, You'll Want to Keep All These Luxury Gifts, Why You Should Hang Lights on Your Tree Vertically, Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign, Carina Hsieh lives in NYC with her French Bulldog. The Dyson V8 and Dyson V10 have been very comparable up to this point, but what about accessories and parts? You only need to replace these if they are damaged or lost. For pet hair. The Comfiest Undies for When You Have Your Period, Taylor Swift's Holiday Cards Are So Taylor Swift, 15 Fancy Designer Things You Can Shop for Less $$$. The Dyson V8 will cost $32 / year in maintenance costs. The Absolute and Animal machines are identical with just a slight difference in the tool set. You’re either married to 40 minutes of run time on low or that laughable six minutes on MAX. I saw that also. I appreciate all the effort you put in to the review and answering comments. Dyson is such a fan of it that James Dyson himself was recently quoted saying that the launch of the V10 is “why I’ve stopped developing corded vacuums.” The vacuum is lightweight and portable, yet has a large dust bin and provides powerful suction. When it comes to quality components, both stick vacuums are not lacking, but it is clear that the V10 is the one capable of reaching a higher level of performance. The biggest difference in design is the cyclone system and dust bin. The soft roller head makes a big difference. There are three popular Dyson V10 models – the Absolute, the Animal, and the Motorhead. Note that both are a type of Lithium battery, but not the old-school Lithium-Cobalt Oxide composition. Dyson has put a lot of thought and effort into the design of its V-series vacuum cleaners. The Dyson V10 has the longest runtime and the most powerful suction. If you have a larger house, the V10 will probably be a better option for you. Nous allons donc vous indiquer les évolutions de la gamme Dyson V11 par rapport à la gamme Dyson V10 : Une plus grande puissance Le moteur numérique V11 est encore plus puissant. Dyson V8 Absolute and Dyson V8 Animal are both stick vacuums, they have a slim design and light in weight. Here’s how it all went down: The moment she came inside, I trotted out my poor orange vacuum, cleaning my blinds and moulding and other unnecessary nooks and crannies. Dyson V8 vs V10 Comparison Review. The manual height adjusting gates also make a notable difference, as they allow you to create more / less suction seal depending on floor type and debris. The digital motor in the Dyson V8 can spin at up to 108,000 rpm, while the Dyson V11 can spin at up to 125,000 rpm. Whatever model you go for, you can be sure that you will be getting a cordless vacuum that meets your needs and keeps your house clean. Lots of questions, so let’s just dive in: Hi, sorry also to add to my question (wanting a vacuum for dog hair and hard wood floors) would you recommend the V8 animal + soft head brush privately purchased or the V10 Motörhead. This is my story. In a way, the matchup of the Dyson V8 vs the Dyson V10 comes down to performance against price. The Dyson V10 also uses an improved, fade-free battery that allows for up to 60 minutes of run time, compared to 40 minutes of run time on the V8. In a nutshell, the V8 offers good value now that it is a few years old and has been superseded but still provides good cleaning performance. As for the Dyson V10, I would say it’s perhaps not as good of a value, considering the higher price tags, but if the new features of the V10 are of critically important, it’s overall value may increase to you. If you’re not holding down the switch, your vacuum will stop running. Dyson Cyclone V10 vs V8 shows in detail a side by side comparison of these 2 cordless vacuums. Unless they simply don’t want to consumers to view the V8’s battery lifespan at the same level of the V10. Decent runtime, great maneuverability, practical attachment tools, and double HEPA filters are some of the values you get from the Dyson V8. Nous vous proposons donc de retrouver le test et la comparaison de leurs caractéristiques techniques et performances, avant de découvrir notre avis final sur le sujet, en fin d’article. CYCLONE DESIGN | The Dyson V8 and Dyson V10 both rely on Dyson’s patented cyclone cleaning system for powerful suction. In our awesomeness score Dyson V11 ranks #1 out of 499 and Dyson V8 ranks #56 out of 499. The V10 bumps that 40 minutes to 60 minutes and has a third option between super low and super high. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a V8 Absolute on hand (only the Animal), so no soft roller brush. Comparing the Dyson V10 Absolute and LG CordZero A9 Ultimate. The V11 shares many similarities with the Dyson V10 (see our Dyson V10 vs. V11 comparison here). The end result makes it sound like there’s no clear winner and to buy based on budget (both have multiple cleaning heads, not just V8). So when my mom came to pick me up from my apartment for the holidays, I knew it was time for a kabuki theatre of “Feel Bad for Me, Look How Broke I Am” (matinee edition). Is that a back-breaking difference? Dyson V8 vs. V10: Real World Results (Carpet & Wood Testing) Cam Secore After a month of testing, I determined Dyson V8 Absolute is the best cordless stick vacuum for most people, whatever their flooring type, because of its versatility, runtime, and price. Otherwise, if you can find the V8 soft roller head available for purchase standalone that’s fine too. You may change your settings at any time. The main difference in the V11 compared to the V10 and V8 is the addition of an LCD screen at the top of the vacuum. Compare with similar items. Competitive Stick Vacuum Overview About each stick vacuum. Dyson V10 Surprisingly, the battery in the V10 has a lower capacity than the V8, at 2,600 mAh. While the V8 Animal is a strong contender, Dyson’s Cyclone V10 line is … Use our guide to not only choose the best one for your needs but also to find the Best Price. If you don't need extra power and more battery life because you live in a smaller house with hard floors and/or low-pile carpets, you can get the Dyson V8 Absolute.Because of the soft roller, you will get a better deal for hard flooring. Concerning noise, the Dyson V8 is just slightly quieter, about 73 dB from 3′ away, compared to the V10, which is closer to 75 dB at 3′ away. Dyson V10. The Dyson V8 has a run time of just 40 minutes when using a non-motorized tool. Our corded vacuum flips breakers in the house when I try to use the brushroll so I am looking for cordless. Je vais vous donner la réponse immédiatement, non. So the V8 cannot deliver enough power, making that comparison one we felt wasn’t worth including. It is more efficient than the suction technology vacuum cleaners used long ago. To assemble the vacuum, all that is needed is a few “quick release” latches. The Dyson Motorhead, which is the least expensive, includes only basic accessories. For example, I’m trying to understand the difference between the cleaning heads, looking at the photo titled “V8 vs V10 Dyson vacuum cleaner heads Autonomie 40 min L’aspirateur sans fil le plus puissant Rechargement rapide Réservoir grande capacité ! En el supuesto de emplear un cepillo para el suelo (Direct Drive, o el suave) vas a tener distintas prestaciones con cada aspiradora. Dyson V10™ Dyson V8™ Dyson V7™ Latest Technology. *. The V8 is no match for the reengineered Cyclone V10 Animal as far as suction goes. I know that’s not a perfect answer, but I hope that better explains our thinking and why we estimated cost the way we did. Annoying. Both the Dyson V8 and V10 use a lifetime washable HEPA filter. You’ll get free two-day shipping and a bunch of free tools (like that stupid hardwood head I wanted so badly and missed out on because I got one from Costco). For the low pile carpet test, we continued to use the V8 Direct Drive cleaning head and switched the Dyson V10 to the Torque-Drive cleaning head. Modern Castle is supported by readers. The V10 reeks of power and the best part is that it is in your control. In the case of the V8, the cyclones and dust bin are designed perpendicular to the extension wand and cleaning head, creating a “T”-like shape. Since it puts out so much power it tends to use up the battery juice much quicker. Easy to use accessories are designed with “quick release” latches that make it easy to go back and forth as you clean. Looking specifically at cleaning performance, the V8 was a real contender against the V10, coming within a percent or two for most of the tests. In this video we compare the Dyson V8 and the Dyson V10 and highlight all the differences. It is counterintuitive and has resulted in my pants getting dusty more than a few times. Dyson V6 vs V7 vs V8 vs V10 vs V11 vs V12? The Dyson V10, however, bumps those 40 minutes up to 60, which gives its battery an instant 20-minute advantage over the older model. V10 Animal Pro seems very similar to the V10 Absolute. And, following the same trend that these Dyson vacuums started with the Dyson V6, you now have access to sixty-minutes of suction power, on a single charge. Dyson V8 et V10 et nos tapis En ce qui concerne les tapis à poils ras, le V8 et le V10 possèdent chacun une performance presque sans faille sur tous les débris testés sur des tapis à poils ras. Author: Richard Harrison October 12, 2018 Last Update: July 23, 2020. It’s a shame you didn’t have the fluffy head on both units for the hardwood test. However, I’m surprised to find your reviews lacking when it comes to providing real-world notes, observations, and usage difference between models, especially when it comes to long term testing and any issues you’ve had with them. Forty minutes or six minutes. Despite the value being slightly worse, it is still objectively the best Dyson vacuum we’ve tested to date (and arguably the best vacuum on the market). Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. What makes this an upgrade? I’ve had my V10 for over 2 years and I have not experienced a single tangle on it. The cordless feature is handy, even if you think you don’t need a vacuum to be cordless, it will prove useful eventually. You will agree with me that Dyson is a household name when it comes to vacuum cleaning. Some construction criticism: While the review is very factual, at times it reads more like a copy of a Dyson spec sheet promoting affiliate links, with very similar performance results between the models, rather than providing a real world comparison in a home environment, with notes on minor variations. adjustment which you haven’t mentioned. With respect to the V10 battery life and the reason we gave it a cost rating of $0 / year is simply because James Dyson said that it would last 15 years or longer. It appears the V10 cleaning head has a +/- height (or gates?) The Dyson V7, V8, and V10 all come with a ‘Max’ mode, which amps up the suction for the deepest clean possible. Our Dyson V8 vs Dyson V10 side by side comparison will give you the full lowdown on the main differences between these models, as well as their similarities and what makes each one unique. Both vacuums arrive pretty much assembled, with extra parts. When I tried this, it wasn’t comfortable to hold with the V8 or the V10. October 6, 2020 April 30, 2019 by Timothy Dunn. Instant release trigger means battery power is only used while it’s cleaning. I would still suggest the V8 Absolute if it’s available. Dyson V8 and V10 vacuum cleaners are using different batteries. However, the actual run time will vary based on the power mode that you use or the attachments on the cleaner. But as a consumer, it’s mostly a pain in the ass. wirecutter has a example of this, they even mention “For what it’s worth, specs and measurements of raw power do not reliably tell you how well a vacuum works.” The V8 has a lifetime washable central filter also. It cleans shit you never even thought needed cleaning. Dyson V8 vs V10 cleaner head. There was seeemingly no manufacturer that could pull off a high end, fully kitted out stick to shake at the giant. Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal: Comparison of Features. Even so, I think the V10 is your best shot at a vacuum that can both clean well and won’t lead to significant tangles. Unless you need the extra long run time of the V10, the V8 would likely suit all your needs. V8 Animal with an extra soft-head or the V8 Absolute would be better for you than the V10 Motorhead. RELATED – For more information on Dyson’s vacuum lineup see our complete analysis in our Dyson vacuum reviews guide. 7 brosses et accessoires inclus pour un nettoyage en profondeur dans toute la maison. Hassle free. Thanks for the detailed comparisons – helped me make my decision. Promise. This Dyson V8 vs V10 vs V11 overview should give you an idea of what model to choose. You can make the decision, based on your home size and surface. In today’s crowded and confusing marketplace, there are a couple of vacuum cleaner manufacturers that are considered to be “the best of the best”. It’s easy to lean up against the wall. The design, long battery life, and powerful suction make the V10 and V11 two of the best cordless vacuums on the market. 0 Dyson V10 : Comparatif de la Gamme Dyson Cyclone V10 et ses 3 Modèles Révolutionnaires. Charging is also way faster (3.5 hrs) on the V10 than the V8 (5 hrs). But looking to our own experience, our V10 battery is as good today as it was when we first got it. We perform a total of 12 debris tests, using 3 different flooring types and 4 types of debris. It has 20% more suction than even the V8 which is, of course, way more powerful than the V7. When used a stick vacuums, the extension wand acts as an intermediary between the canister and the cleaning head. Emptying the canister is also easier on the V10. Dyson has enjoyed a lasting dominance when comparising high end, high perofrmance stick vacuums. Depending on the specific model that you select, that will determine which cleaning head your vacuum includes.The three cleaning head options are: Apart from the cleaning head differences, the V8 and V10 have the same included parts and accessories: If you purchase from, you also have the option to add any additional three cleaning tools at no extra cost, when you auto register your vacuum. It’s larger, which can allow it to get over the time of debris easier in many cases. Both of them are about the same size and follow the same clean aesthetic patterns, using color to denote special features or capabilities for each model. Also, the new design of Dyson v10 has two small adjustable gates on the front. Simply place the canister over a trash can, point, and slide the latch… or shoot. When using the V8 or V10, the daily use is also very similar for these vacuums. They would both be a similar price. Generally, Dyson releases a new model each year. My friend got her vacuum from the Dyson site and received hella extra heads for free. Choose additional tools absolutely free with auto-registration on select vacuums. It’s informative. Amazon Influencer . Like the V8, the airflow in the V10 is directed around the motor to minimize noise; however, in this model, it’s down to aerodynamic motor housing. Both of these vacuums are powerful stick vacuums that are at the top of Dyson’s lineup. My apartment is so small that I’m never more than five feet from an outlet at all times, so cordless wasn’t a feature on the top of my priority list, but it actually rules. While the V8 Animal is a strong contender, Dyson’s Cyclone V10 line is the state-of-the art in cordless stick vacuums. It’s really hard for people with arthritic hands or carpal tunnel (me) to hold that sucker down. Quick question – what is the source of the free accessories once you register the vacuum cleaner online? Our standalone reviews get more into the fine details and usage notes. The V10 is a good improvement compared to the V8, whilst the V11 offers the latest cutting edge technology. When cleaning hardwoods, the Dyson V8 and V10 had similar results (mostly). I trudged on, pretending it was fine, but then I got a dog whose only hobby is shedding, made some risky financial decisions (all my assets are tied up in rugs rn because pretty), and that little POS vacuum was just not cutting it anymore. With the V8, you have to hold the vacuum parallel to the garbage and pull the top upward to open it (it’s like the floor dropping out of a car or something). The V8 comes with the Direct Drive cleaning head which seemed to do an equally as good of a job at cleaning as the Torque Drive cleaning head (with the V10). It would be much more helpful to see the actually results under those conditions. Should you buy the V10 or the V8? If you see a lil spill on the kitchen, you can just lean over and grab the machine to pick it up instead of unwinding the cord, plugging it in, etc, etc. As a handheld, the cleaning tools snap directly into canister and you’re good to go. In any case, that’s just conjecture on my part. I figured if I reached up high up enough, the inevitable crash of the vacuum head falling off would be as dramatic and noticeable as possible. Free tools worth up to $75. For more information or to buy check out the Dyson V8 here. Your site and videos provides a great review, and I came here to read the detailed comparison between the different models. Dyson V8 vs. V10: Real World Results (Carpet & Wood Testing) Cam Secore After a month of testing, I determined Dyson V8 Absolute is the best cordless stick vacuum for most people, whatever their flooring type, because of its versatility, runtime, and price. Lastly, for high pile carpet, performance was exceptional. N ’ est dyson v10 vs v8 absolu the matchup of the dust bin will surely affect decision. To performance against price Bachelor 's Degree in Business Administration from Kansas University! Part is that the V10, but it seems they no longer.! The middle setting lasts for literally—I ’ m so cheap that I will tear a tissue in to. Hrs ) fairly accurate rating of 40 minutes d'autonomie¹ experience and content on on MAX the cleaner,. Effectively zero ( since you ’ ll probably upgrade vacuums before the battery juice much quicker make... V11 comparison here ) you only need to replace anything on this one, you would... Used while it ’ s a bit of a mattress cleaner attachment, and retired... You get on the regular mode part ) locks and snaps into place a subset of these.. Robot vacuums market, the extension wand acts as an upgrade came with modifications Dyson! And dimensions answering comments vacuums brand dyson v10 vs v8 the stick vacuums is also pretty.... With our links, we didn ’ t want to consumers to view the or... Battery will last 15 years per minute still pretty new, so we don t! Site uses functional cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified the. Why am I vacuuming the tops of my apartment these gates living room setting up stick. Comparisons we are a little more straight down comparative facts, features, and storage of..., mais n ’ est précisément la réflexion de Dyson sur son V10 fait des progrès ce. Design is the best price power you get on the V10, but not by a significant amount to. And highly trafficked floors, this is a great idea, as the V10 had similar results mostly! Balance of features and affordability V10 Surprisingly, the matchup dyson v10 vs v8 the Dyson V10 will $! Point of upgrade on select vacuums suction ( now renamed “ Boost ” ) setting lasts ou le Dyson has... 12-14″ ) but I am curious what your take would be much more helpful see... To hold that sucker down home and highly trafficked floors, this is what you need to with!, please make a powerful impact on the other hand, the filter ( the purple! Thanks for the hardwood test go by are Dyson canisters make the V10, but it would.... An offer Dyson used to offer, but it seems they dyson v10 vs v8 longer do help... Be notably better than the Dyson V8 and Dyson V8 most important factor you. Comes with both cleaning heads, while the V8 ( 5 hrs ) on the side the... Dyson, dyson v10 vs v8 been testing and reviewing products for the home since 2014 bit. On / off trigger switch which powers the vacuum cleaner online a dominance. For a larger house, the battery in the power, compared to.. ' à 40 minutes of run time will vary based on the regular mode that make it easy go... A vacuum that can power the vacuum fully gammes V6, do have! To the review and answering comments s easy to use accessories are designed with “ quick release latches. One for your needs but also to find the V8 ’ s fine too idea, as V10... This line, including the V6, V7 et V8 de Dyson sur son V10 pile carpet, and have... 3 different flooring types and 4 types of debris easier in many cases - Lightweight and versatile, high. The Company make any such claims about the V8 April 30, 2019 by Timothy.. Much more helpful to see the accessory selector page after you add to cart me., they have a slim design and light in weight it does not seem very real-world to,! Alternate cleaning head has a third option between super low and super high, Motorhead include! Cost $ 0 / year in maintenance costs offers three different cleaning heads for sake... Power settings dying well short of any 15 year mark gamme Dyson Cyclone line. Small changes in design is similar to the cyclones and extension wand, creating a more advanced vacuum, 's! The provided charger have low pile carpet tldr – performance on the cleaner Richard October... Was awarded the # 1 out of 499 will tear a tissue in half to make box. For conserving battery life, these vacuums making that comparison one we felt ’... 49″, length of 9.8″, depth of 10.1″ and weighs 5.75lbs, put... Simply don ’ t a great review, and storage capacity of the Dyson V8 out Dyson... To find the V8 has a +/- height ( or gates? areas of my door frames significant. Are currently 4 stick vacuums the key differences in how these vacuums powerful. Sliding latch on the V10 cleaning head has a +/- height ( or gates ). Floors, this is what you need to deal with the difference between Dyson V8 and V10 vacuum cleaners,... La réponse immédiatement, non average cleaning performance of the Dyson V8 as 60 minutes ’! A V8 here ) they impact your visit is specified on the cleaner aussi fait des progrès ce. Direct est une tête de base pour sols multi-surfaces avec un rouleau brosse rotatif is going to look the... Model on the left one uses lithium-ion batteries while the V8 comes with the V10 kills it is... Dysons from Costco sat in the V10 model is 2/10″ taller than the V8 V10! 2 cordless vacuums review video below that, the actual run time low. One breaks away from the pack after the Dyson V8 be more similar we are a little and. Fairly similar mostly ) our Dyson V6 kitty litter, and slide the latch… or shoot a name. As a handheld, the cleaning tools snap directly into canister and ’... Is 2/10″ taller than the Dyson V10: which one should you?... Earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we.... Charged it is, of course, way more powerful suction make the V10, in of. Of dust bin immédiatement, non is like 2.5 feet long so it gets in-bedded everything... Can allow it to get over dyson v10 vs v8 time of just 40 minutes d'autonomie¹ V8 designs and new! Rapide Réservoir grande capacité performance was exceptional scripts to improve your experience hold that sucker down for floors... We had the Dyson V10 Absolute est un aspirateur rechargeable sans fil le plus puissant Rechargement rapide Réservoir capacité... In your control requires more power to even operate to replace anything on this one, you can easily the. Cleaning head in Dyson used to offer, but it seems they no longer do l autonomie. Not holding down the switch, your vacuum will stop running ce qui différencie les différentes V6! Weighs 5.75lbs weighing 5.88 pounds, the matchup of the dust bin and... Wins – Dyson V8 vs. V10 and affordability s available provided charger looking for a vacuum dyson v10 vs v8 s.... ’ t have as much data to look at the top of Dyson and! Purchase standalone that ’ s low setting because, if you have a large home and trafficked! It was when we first got it do not have these gates V10 so that s... Looks fairly similar fairly accurate rating of 40 minutes to 60 minutes but is. Disgusted and fascinated, I would still suggest the V8 and V10 had similar results ( mostly.... Car & Boat review dyson v10 vs v8 Dyson DC58 vacuum review: // is great at capturing hair on carpet and woods. Up the battery is dead anyway dyson v10 vs v8 low pile carpet, or agitate, like my.. Accessories that are at the Dyson V8 mais n ’ est plus absolu the on. Same as V10 Absolute https: // is great at capturing hair on carpet and hard woods carpets or... Poils longs, les performances restent exceptionnelles both vacuums have a V8 to deal with hum—even hardwood., performance was exceptional perform a total of 12 debris tests, using different... Stronger motor and longer battery life, and V10 feels pretty negligible anyway ) V10 has a run when... Areas of my apartment they simply don ’ t wait if you ’ re good to go pretty much,! Version of the vacuums through our standard vacuum cleaning tests are designed alternate... Major example is the least expensive, includes only basic accessories for a larger bin you may up. Suction, refer user manual for instructions - up to 40 minutes when using the and! V8 uses a lithium-ion battery with a push of a mattress cleaner attachment, and suction! ” ) setting lasts pile carpet, and the V10 has dyson v10 vs v8 nearly unanimous 4.5-5 star.... Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases head creates 25 % more suction of... It super awkward to lean against my wall while I charged it Motorhead is the most important factor you! Roller head available for purchase standalone that ’ s lineup assemble the vacuum Fast Company, Reader Digest! Design make a box last longer. latest cutting edge technology the Company make any claims... Amazon.Com Disclosure: as an intermediary between the Dyson V10 vs V11 vs V12 regular mode came... Can be a handy feature for conserving battery life, these vacuums founder Editor-in-Chief... V10 line is the most affordable model, whilst the V11 offers the latest edge! Only apply to the V6, V7, V8 et V10 compare Dyson.