Blushing Bromeliad or Fingernail Plant (Neoregelia species): Neoregelias are spectacular foliage plants. The most well known bromeliad is the pineapple. The foliage is often spotted or banded with complex patterns or bright colors. Bromeliad Seeds. Learn how to care for a bromeliad plant and you will have a long lasting unique houseplant that is low maintenance. Bromeliads seeds sold in packet sizes from two to 100,000 seeds. From fiery temptresses to more sophisticated splendour. Aechmea Bromeliad Species, Silver Vase Bromeliad, Urn Plant (Aechmea fasciata) by palmbob Feb 2, 2004 8:42 AM. Bromeliad Varieties. The following is (we hope) a list of movement of names since the Monograph by Smith and Downs in Flora Neotropica. The colors often change when the plants begin to flower. The production of flowers, fruits and seeds by the bromeliad A. mertensii, as well as the structural characteristics of these organs, clearly depend on the species of its associated ant. Add to Cart. T he foliage can range from green to reddish with burgundy colored spots. Make sure any water is drained from the bromeliad's central cup (the center of the plant that catches water) before attempting this. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. NEW HOURS Our new office hours are 8 am-2 pm Aechmea Bromeliad Species, Urn Plant (Aechmea blanchetiana) by Kell Dec 2, 2010 12:07 AM. Veröffentlicht durch. Hundreds of amazingly colourful bromeliads in full bloom are awaiting you at Bromeliad Garden in Glenorie, Sydney. Specie endemic to portions of Panama and Colombia. The Bromeliad Society International, The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, Florida, USA. Examples of how to use “bromeliad” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs The Bromeliad lends the perfect finishing touch for any dynamic and contemporary home decorating scheme. Growing a bromeliad as a houseplant is easy and brings interesting texture and color to the interior garden. The pendant inflorescence is in a form of a spike that lasts for 2 weeks. Find bromeliad stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Worldwide shipping. Tillandsia, epiphytic bromeliads, are usually found growing on almost anything from the southern United States to southern Argentina. The most well known bromeliad is the pineapple. There are over 3000 known species of Bromeliads and these are further divided into 3 subfamilies: There are more than 2,700 species of bromeliads. Plants are widely represented in their natural climates across the Americas. The Billbergia genus can usually be identified by the shape of the rosette, which is typically tubular and narowlly funnel or vase-shaped. Bromeliads are tropical plants belonging to the pineapple family or genus Bromeliaceae. Our listings are typically posted for a 30 days period. The apple will give off ethylene gas as it decomposes. Author: admin 1 Comment Care and Culture, Classification. Approximately half the species are epiphytes, some are lithophytes, and some are terrestrial. Bromeliads also make memorable gifts for family and friends to enjoy for many years to come. Pretty looking plant with orangeish foliage. So if you want to force your plant to spike, place it in a tightly sealed, clear plastic bag for up to 10 days with a ripe apple. Luther, H.E. Bromeliads are showy plants that have vividly colored leaves and produce a variety of interesting flowers in an array of hues. bromeliad aechmea blanchetiana. Close up of the inflorescence. Popular as a striking houseplant with a lifespan of about 2 to 3 years, bromeliad comes with broad, succulent leaves and colorful foliage, flowering only once in its entire lifetime. Bromeliad plants provide an exotic touch to the home and bring a sense of the tropics and sun-kissed climates. Aechmea fasciata in my living room. Bromeliads are easy to care for and feature an array of unique patterns, colours and textures which will enhance any style of living space. This type of bromeliad plant grows quite large and needs plenty of room. Interestingly, while the incident light received by plants can explain phenotypic plasticity in the vegetative traits, we showed that the floral traits of A. mertensii were not primarily influenced by this factor. Smith Select from premium Bromeliad of the highest quality. Guzmania species If you’ve ever been given a bromeliad as a flowering potted plant, chances are it was a Guzmania. Bromeliaceae, the pineapple family of the flowering plants (order Poales), with more than 3,000 species across 56 genera.All but one species are native to the tropical New World and the West Indies. Facts: This specie is found at high altitude in very humid forests. Bromelioideae is a subfamily of the bromeliads (Bromeliaceae).This subfamily is the most diverse, represented by the greatest number of genera with 33, but the fewest species with 865. Details about BROMELIAD Aechmea CASTELNAVII Stunning Specie! This is to be read in conjunction with Binomials 2000 which only gives a snapshot view of species currently accepted by the BSI Identification Center as of May 2000. Pitcairnia. Bromeliads typically have bright red, orange, purple, or blue flowers, and can grow in a number of different ways: they can be terrestrial, growing on the ground; saxicolous, growing on rocks; or epiphytic, growing on other plants and trees. While growing these at home, make sure to keep it in shaded areas, away from sunlight. Rare Find! This group has been very heavily hybridised—to the extent that they are often just known by their family name, followed by the variety or cultivar name; a species name isn’t used. Product Compare (0) Sort By: Show: Quick View. A constantly updated list of current Bromeliad names and synonyms. There are over 3,000 varieties in the Bromeliad family and they are all quite diverse. Guzmania: The majority of Guzmania bromeliad are found in Colombia and Costa Rica. Fireball x Morris Henry Hobbs + Fireball x sapiatibensis + Flicker olens X Marnier-Lapostolle + ampullacea x carolinae; Fools Gold cv Barbarian X Vibrant Orlando Florida. Thousands of species … Ten of Florida's 16 native bromeliad species are listed as threatened or endangered. Bromelia species are widespread across much of Latin America and the West Indies, and are characterized by flowers with a deeply cleft calyx, and rosettes of tough leaves. See original listing. aechmea blanchetiana. BROMELIAD SPECIES LIST-BROMELIAD SWEEP ECOTOUR MAY 2018-MEXICO NATURE TOURS Date / Hotel Route Bromeliads May 15-Tues. Oaxaca Valley of Oaxaca A few of you joined me for this short trip before the tour started. This list enumerates 3172 species of bromeliads among 58 genera and 2 nothogenera. Find the perfect Bromeliad stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. They provide riots of color with their green, bronze, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, and white leaves. 415 Coarsegold, CA 93614 U.S.A. (559) 683-7097 Fax (559) 658-8847 Email. Popular species include Pitcairnia and Puya, among others. Tillandsia : This is the largest genus (about 500 species) in the bromeliad family. Some bromeliads, also known as epiphytes, grow on trees that they use for … See more ideas about Bromeliads, Plants, Species. Lobelia Gregoriana ssp Gregoriana - 10 Seeds - … Grown From Seed!! Consequently, bromeliads play important ecological roles, both as habitat and in nutrient recycling. Billbergias are highly recommended for beginners because t 2014. Tillandsia International 43714 Rd. Fireball + unknown species Fireball Cross 1 + unknown Fireball Cross 2 + unknown Fireball Cross 3 + "Giant Fireball"? Fresh seeds at fair prices. One of the most well-known bromeliads is the pineapple. Statistics. Bromeliad tanks also provide habitat for mosquito larvae and various other invertebrate and small vertebrate animals. Please note we take photos the day we list the plants. Bromeliad is a well-known tropical epiphyte plant, growing in the ground and also on other stuff like rainforest trees, logs, rocks, and other plants. Bromeliads are members of a plant family known as Bromeliaceae with over 2700 described species in approximately 56 genera. Rare Find! The Bromeliad family (Bromeliaceae) is the largest plant family that is endemic to the "New World" - although there is a single species found in Africa and so this claim can be disputed. The family contains a wide range of plants including some very un-pineapple like members such as Spanish Moss (which is neither Spanish nor a moss). List Of Common Billbergia Bromeliad Species. Rio de Janeiro, early autumn. The leaves are curly creating quite a unique shape. Some varieties are epiphytic, however other species can also be grown in soil. Fireball Cross 4 + "Alien Ocean"? An Alphabetical List of Bromeliad Binomials. They can be found at altitudes from sea level to 4200 meters, from rainforests to deserts. Dozens of Bromeliads species to choose from. May 12, 2013 - Explore Ethan Dropkin's board "Bromeliad species" on Pinterest. The leaves are smooth, shiny, and come in various different colors like red, orange, and yellow. 1 June 1, 2008 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF BROMELIAD BINOMIALS 33- 1.1 Acanthostachys pitcairnioides (Mez) Rauh & Barthlott 33- 1 Acanthostachys strobilacea (Schultes f.) Klotzsch 40- 81 Aechmea abbreviata L.B. The second list (The new Bromeliad Taxon list) is a list … They tend to be very commonly grown as houseplants or as a tropical in planters, and are very popular. The New Bromeliad Taxon List. Rio de Janeiro, early autumn. Some species have. Here is what we saw: Tillandsia sierra-juarazensis Tillandsia macdougalii Tillandsia magnusiana Tillandsia prodigiosa ... Meet bromeliad Aechmea! There are pproximately 2,500 bromeliad species, plus several thousand hybrids and cultivars. The Plant List includes a further 11 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus Bromelia.We do not intend The Plant List to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. This is the official list of accepted names of all currently known bromeliad taxa (species, subspecies, varieties and forms). Butcher, D. Key to the genera of Bromeliaceae. The first list (A list of Accepted Bromeliaceae Names) is the one you should be relying on. The Plant List includes 192 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Bromelia.Of these 59 are accepted species names. BROMELIAD Aechmea CASTELNAVII Stunning Specie! Synonyms of Bromeliad Species. Pitcairnia is the second most prolific species of bromeliad, only trailing after Tillandsia by cultivar number.